Published on by Quin Robinson.

150px-Sesshu_-_View_of_Ama-no-Hashidate Gray sea, Gray sky, Nothing there but the color of peace, Just gray that embraces the sea, Teaching us that the world is one.

The plan was a swift sail out to Anacapa Island, wild flowers, lunch and an even swifter sail back to Ventura Harbor. The Gods of Sea and Air had a different plan. Malaya and crew left Ventura with 5 knots of wind (breeze) overcast skies, drizzle and ocean of glass. The day produced winds of 3-9 knots Malaya's boat speed ranged form 1.6 to 5.2 knots, until the wind completely died, zilch, nada... oily ocean. Instead of 24 miles in 3 hours we covered only 4.5 miles under sail. But still, great company, great food, cold beer, and awesome day on the water!!