Weekend Review!

Published on by neal rosenthal.

Here you go...

-my notes are below each menu item-

Thank you again!




market fresh berries, nuts, greek yogurt, san marcos farms honey

*Fantastic! Just the right amount for each. I liked it in the rectangular glass container. It fit easily in the fridge.

burrito: free range eggs, yukon gold potato, applewood bacon,

fire roasted poblanos, queso fresco, creama, roasted tomato salsa

*Same here. I liked the easy wrapping and aluminum foil in case we heated in oven.

(options were good) I ended up microwaving.


vietnamese shrimp “banh mi” sandwich: pickles, cilantro, spicy aioli

*Loved being able to open and serve. We enjoyed but for those who do not know Vietnamese, forewarn the spicy flavor. We thought it was delicious but I could see someone (who says they like spicy then complain it’s too hot) would comment on this one.

coconut-lime-red curry soup, rice noodles, baby bok choy

*Again, easy prep. I put in pan. No mess. Little to throw away. Only comment-again, the spiciness. I thought it was perfect (good spicy) but just give a heads-up.

Afternoon / Happy Hour

local black cod ceviche: onions, citrus, radish, chilies, cilantro, potatoes, tortillas


                                    *Wow! Couldn’t believe we had ceviche.

Excellent! No mess. Easy prep.



little gem lettuce, grapefruit, drake family farms goat cheese toasts,

green goddess dressing

*LOVED the salad. Grapefruit-genius! Just the right amount.

herb marinated free range chicken breast, parsley pesto,

spring vegetable ragout, toasted israeli couscous

* The boys loved this meal. James (brother) said that it was so nice having a warm meal after a long day. I couldn’t have agreed more. Almost too easy for me. The pesto was a nice touch.

chocolate “earthquake” cake,

berry sauce, caramel sauce, sea salt

*Awesome!!!!! Sweet and a touch of salt. Decadent! Oh, and loved the individual packets. Very easy to serve.


Late Night

individual mac & cheese, hot sauce

*Nothing more than, “YUM!”



ginger honey (settles uncomfortable stomachs)