Channel Islands Outfitters and Customer Feedback

Published on by neal rosenthal.


As we moved into fall we worked out an arrangement with the nice people over at Channel Islands Outfitters to prepare food for their outings to  the Channel Islands National Parks. They offer a wide range of experiences from guided kayaking adventures to multi day camping, and more. Please take a moment to check them out, or better, book an outing, order up some food and get out there! In my opinion this is the best time to go. The Grey Whales are out there, the weather has been perfect; ask the locals, June gloom or December delight, you decide. You can find them at

Last week we sent a couple out and this was their feedback.

Hi Neal,
The food was terrific but even better were the way it all came delivered – loved the plastic containers, the REI bag, and where did you find those vintage napkins?  Beautiful!  Thanks for making our excursion extra special.

K. H.

Have a happy and safe New Year, and we hope to see you around the harbor, out on the water, and enjoying our Islands!