baja ha-ha 2013

Published on by neal rosenthal.

"2013’s event will be the 20th (the first was in ‘94). Nearly 2,500 boats have done the event so far, with roughly 9,000 participants aboard. The rally is approximately 750 miles. There are two stops along the way: Turtle Bay (a dusty but loveable fishing village far off the main road) and primitive Bahia Santa Maria (which is truly out in the middle of nowhere). The former has a couple of small tiendas, a few low-capacity restaurants, an Internet cafe, and usually some diesel. It does not have ATMs, banks, McDonalds, boatyards or spas. Bahia Santa Maria has nothing - except a restaurant that magically appears one day a year, along with a rock ‘n roll band, just for the Ha-Ha. The event is timed so that even the slowest boats will get about a day and a half of rest at each stop. Although some boats invariably do push hard to beat the rest of their class most are just looking for a comfortable ride down the coast. You might even choose to anchor for a night at Isla Guadalupe or Isla Cedros. All these variations are permitted. The Ha-Ha organizers don’t see their role as making a lot of rules, but as facilitating everyone’s pleasure. The goals of the Ha-Ha are simple: for everyone to get to Cabo safely while enjoying some great sailing and making countless new friends. The event is open to all boats over 27 feet that were designed, built and have been maintained for open ocean sailing. If you’re not sure your boat fits that criteria, get a trip survey from a marine surveyor. There are three legs in each Ha-Ha, so there have been 54 legs to date. Of those 54 legs, only two of them have been upwind. Indeed, the typical Ha-Ha conditions are light-to-moderate following winds with small-to-moderate seas. But the Pacific Ocean is not a controlled environment so, while conditions are generally benign, you nonetheless must be prepared for the very slight possibility of heavy weather."
Latitude 38

CIP will be part of this fall’s exodus to Cabo. We are excited to be provisioning S/V Ilean, a Catalina 38 hailing from Alameda California. If there are other boats out there seeking assistance with their provisions, we can help you as well! Don’t be shy, just contact us.