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 dockside breakfast of greek yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, local honey

dockside breakfast of greek yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, local honey

over the week end we wrote a testimonial for the wonderful new kitchen facility we have moved into. Summit Kitchen in Ventura is only 5 minutes from the Ventura Harbor. more to come about the move and the Summit Kitchen team at a later date.

well, it dawned on us, that we have received some very nice comments as well!

 turkey flatbread and roasted sweet potato baguette almost ready to go the Channel Islands National Park

turkey flatbread and roasted sweet potato baguette almost ready to go the Channel Islands National Park

so, this is a sampling of the feed back we have received

We ordered three lunches to take with us on a day trip to Santa Cruz Island on 12/28/13. Our lunches were delivered to us as promised at our departure site. We were delighted that a breakfast of fruits, nuts, and yogurt was included which became our breakfast during the boat ride to the island. We ordered the gourmet turkey sandwiches and they were delicious. We had plenty of food to share with our kayak guide.

They were very thoughtful and accommodating when we made last minute requests.

Our lunches were packaged for easy transport. We were pleasantly surprised to find cloth napkins and metal flatware.

I would highly recommend Channel Island Provisioners.

S.P. Ventura

Channel Islands Provisioners demonstrates their passion of cuisine when preparing your food. The meals are easy to prepare, maximizing your time on the water... and the quality makes it feel like a fine dining experience. I've already used them several times and plan on using them regularly in the future.  I highly recommend them whether it be just for lunch or a multi-day cruise.

C.R. Ventura

We had a two day trip to Santa Cruz Island where there are very primitive facilities.  We rented all of our camping gear from C.I. Outfitters and our food from C.I. Provisioners.  It was beyond excellent.  It was gourmet food, packaged to make it both extremely easy to heat and serve and to clean up and return all trash.  The food was excellent and more than plentiful.  We had greek yogurt parfait and egg frittata for our two breakfasts.  We had their special meatloaf and spicy tuna salad sandwiches for our lunches and a great fish stew for our dinner.  We ate so much that we couldn't even start our desserts, so we ate them the following day after our 6-mile kayak trip. 

I can't say enough about the whole experience.  We live in S. B. and were pleased to find out that C.I. Provisioners will also do local catering.  We hope to use them in the future.

Robert I. Santa Barbara

My husband and I recently did the classic caves and coves tour and had a blast.  Our guide was kind, fun, and knowledgeable.  Kayaking through the caves was certainly a unique experience.  I appreciated that our guide made all the activities no pressure and adaptable to everyone's skill and comfort level.

If you do book a tour with Channel Island Outfitters I HIGHLY recommend you get a packed lunch from Channel Island Provisioners, a company they partner with.  For $25/person we got breakfast (Greek yogurt, honey, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit), lunch (roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, pesto, and red onion jam sandwich with an apple), and a snack (trail mix with crystallized ginger added especially to help with sea sickness on the ferry ride).  It was absolutely money well spent and kept us from having to worry about packing food while on vacation.

Kelly A. Longmont CO

Chef Neal sailed with me and Pam on s/v Pamela down the Mexican coast from San Diego in the Baja Ha Ha 2013.  What a cornucopia of gastronomy!  Besides teaching me how to catch ahi, Neal provided a treasure chest of tasty prepared meals, including pesto, poisson cru, and stuffed green peppers.  As we sailed into Bahia Santa Maria, Neal said "Let's catch another ahi and make a batch of poisson cru for the Ha Ha fleet."  "Great idea," I said, "but we'll be there in an hour or so."  A moment later came the cry, "Fish on!" and we had another yellow tail tuna on the handling.  Chilled poisson cru followed about an hour later!

- Dennis & Pam

Bora Bora, French Polynesia