Channel Islands Camping



per person

We have tailored a package for groups and individuals planning a 2 day adventure at the Channel Islands National Park. Price includes delivery, use of our equipment and return. We do the planning that is essential to ensure a rewarding and fun filled experience!

all food items are sourced from local, organic producers that utilize sustainable practices whenever possible

customizations are welcome (may incur additional costs)


dried fruit, nuts, greek yogurt, san marcos family honey


steel cut oatmeal, dried fruit, granola, brown sugar



pulled pork, provisioners' slaw, red onion, cheddar, peach bbq , baguette


olive oil poached salmon salad, capers, cured olives, smoked paprika aioli, ciabatta



rock fish ceviche :avocado, onions, citrus, chilies, cilantro, potatoes, tortillas


hummus, pita, seasonal vegetables



(appetizer) gazpacho salad

(entrée) beef stew, heirloom carrots, torpedo onions, new potato


(appetizer) quinoa, kale, dried apricot, dates, pistachios, shallot dressing

(entrée) beer braised chicken “stew” roots, and greens



4 assorted cookies

double fudge brownie



choice of: coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, or decaffeinated tea






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Packages will be delivered dockside in rugged Igloo Brand coolers, including ice packs to ensure freshness, and within the weight limit required by Island Packers.  Our products are packaged in reusable BTP-free snap lid containers and “boil in bag” packs. Our menu items are designed to stand up to the unique environmental conditions the Islands present. Our food is delicious, convenient, and in generous portions.  It is crafted to sustain you throughout your vigorous outdoor fun!

Our philosophy is to “leave a clean wake” whether you are on the Islands, along the coast or in the mountains.  Our packaging is chosen so there is no excess (all paper products that we do use are earth & sea friendly, and the plastic is recyclable), and by choosing to use reusable containers, you are not adding trash to the environment.