We specialize in sending out food to the Channel Islands that is created to hold up to the environment and is provided in eco-friendly packaging conforming to National Park standards.  

Day Trips to the Islands:


We have tailored a package for individuals planning a kayaking or hiking adventure at the Channel Islands National Park. There are no stores or restaurants on the islands to purchase food, so we provide enough food to supply your needs for a full day of adventure.     

Our experience (after sending out thousands of people with food for the day) is that people need hearty food. We recommend that you have a light breakfast before you board the ferry so that the ride is more comfortable (accomplished boaters know that “a full stomach is a happy stomach!”).  We offer you a wide selection of sandwiches or salads for lunch and then an afternoon snack.  Filtered water in a refillable sport bottle is also included and yours to keep.

Price includes delivery to the ferry at your check-in, the use of our equipment, and we arrange for its return.

We do the planning that is essential to ensure a rewarding and fun filled experience! To order, please go to the Provisions tab and choose the Day pack option 


Group Packages:

Channel Islands Provisioners offers 2 special packages for medium to larger groups. These packages are designed expressly for groups of 4+ and  15 or more, planning an outdoor adventure.To order, please go to the Provisions tab and choose the Group pack option 


We specialize in creating custom camping menus tailored to the unique environment of the Channel Islands National Park. Our understanding of the remote and wild location combined with our proven packaging provides “restaurant” quality meals with minimum effort.

Your menu will be customized to your needs and preferences by our chef, packaged to make preparation and storage simple, while ensuring superb results. We deliver your meals to the docks in our coolers and make arrangements for the return of our loaned equipment - all toward your total enjoyment. For a quote contact us at cipinfo@cip.bz