Why should I use CIP for my on-board provisioning? We simplify the process of providing all the foods and supplies you’ll need. We source the finest products; prepare fresh, tasty, healthy, food and include them in creative menus. We pack all our products with a clear understanding of the needs of an on-board environment. We deliver to your vessel and will even store your order on request. On your return we will pick up all our equipment. We make it so easy for everyone to enjoy their time on the water!

Why should I use CIP for my camping/kayaking trip? We simplify the process of providing all the foods and supplies you’ll need. We understand the requirements of camping and kayaking at the Channel Islands National Park as well as along coastline of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We have developed menus, packing and preparation methods that will make your experience a joy! We will deliver dockside, and meet you or arrange for  the return of our borrowed equipment.

What about food for the RV? That, too! A yacht is a yacht, land or sea, power or sail, we have you covered.

Are our products handled safely? We feel food safety and product quality are of the highest importance! All of our product is sourced through the finest suppliers and producers. All of our cooking, packing and storage is done in our commercial kitchen and handled by certified food handlers and chefs. All products are transported at food safe temperatures, in Health Department approved containers.

How will my meals and products be packaged? We have several methods that we use, and we tailor them to your preference and your methods of reheating or cooking. We can vacuum pack in BPA-free bags or in square and rectangular BPA free Pyrex or plastic reusable  containers. We have prepared a vessel check list which will allow us to help you optimize the use of your storage space, as well as the equipment you have onboard to cook, prepare or reheat your meals.

Can I customize my order? Yes, we are all about preparing and packing your orders as you like. Spicy or mild, simple or exotic, tell us your desires/needs, we make it happen.

Can you accommodate my food allergies? Definitely. We take food allergies very seriously. It's easy for us to adjust our recipes to accommodate your food allergies, just communicate your allergies to us. We will prepare your meals so that they are 100% free of your allergens and we will attach a special customization note on those items so you can be confident that your meals were prepared safely for you.

What about food for the kids? CIP can design menus specifically for children that feature simpler dishes, balanced plates, smaller portions, and affordable pricing. And yes, we know what you’re thinking -- you can order the adult portion of a kid’s meal on request.

Can you just do the shopping? Of course. We are happy to fill your shopping list, and deliver you products. We charge $30 per hour plus the cost of products purchased with a 10% surcharge over receipts. We can even pick up the dry cleaning!

Is there a minimum order? We have a $50.00 minimum to provide free delivery. However, we are happy to provide as little or as much product as you need.

Can you provision for longer passages? Yes. Whether you are headed out to the Islands for a week, going off-shore to fish for tuna, or heading to Mexico with the Ha Ha, or racing in the Newport/Ensenada we can cover all your needs.

How do I pay for this? We have a secured on-line payment system and can accept all major credit cards or you can pay through your PayPal account. We will also accept cash or certified check.

What if I need to cancel an order? There is no charge if the cancellation is received 72 hours in advance of the delivery date on standard orders.

Where do you deliver to? At this time we deliver to Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Channel Islands Harbors. We can arrange shipping outside this area (shipping costs apply).

How large are your portions? We recognize that we are catering to an active outdoor oriented audience. We are aware that often you may be in locations where running to the local market is simply not an option. Taking this into consideration, we prepare generously sized portions.

What if we don’t own proper transporting equipment like ice chests and coolers? We can supply proper equipment for your outings. We either loan you our equipment (we request a refundable deposit) or you can purchase through CIP the equipment you will need at very competitive prices. If you choose to borrow, we will arrange to pick up our equipment. If you own (or buy from us) the equipment, then we will transfer the items from our equipment to yours.