We deliver to you dockside the highest quality in artisanal locally sourced foods

Conveniently packaged and prepared to enhance your adventures at the Channel Islands National Park, along the Ventura and Santa Barbara county coast line, or on our off shore waters.

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Neal Rosenthal
Channel Islands
Provisioners’ Chef

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Channel Islands (California)

Picnic: A do-it-yourself outdoor meal is often composed of sandwiches from the nearest deli. Channel Islands Provisioners www.cip.bz (805-758-3375) is far more inspiring. Serving Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, the company sells tailored, farm-to-table picnics that are sensitive to dietary needs and preferences. They work with transportation concessionaire Island Packers for dockside meal drop-off. Packages include a light breakfast for the boat ride, as well as lunch and a snack, with picks like steel-cut oatmeal, a free-range-egg frittata, a spice-rubbed roast turkey sandwich and a chopped salad. Dinners are also available for campers.

warm breakfast buns

warm breakfast buns


Channel Islands Provisioners is here to make your outdoor experiences delicious and easy. 

The "Provisions" drop down will provide you with additional information: 

Individual Day Packs provide ample food for your day of adventure whether kayaking or hiking. 

Complete customized Camping Packages are tailored to your needs and delivered packed in coolers.

For Boaters, CIP can fill your galley with an array of ready-to-eat and ready-to prepare foods. 

We provision!