Island Weekend


per person


(1 night 2 days) for the boater

delivered dockside in health department approved, temperature-controlled containers (you may borrow or buy our transport container or transfer to your own)

all food items are sourced from local, organic producers that utilize sustainable practices whenever possible

feel free to contact us and we can create a custom package from our current seasonal menu to satisfy your dietary and culannary needs

customizations are welcome (may incur additional costs)


day one

option one: dried fruit, nuts, greek yogurt

option two: breakfast burrito


day two

option one: frittata

option two: french toast casserole



Choose from our seasonal sandwiches or entrée salads

day one

option one: conserved salmon

option two: pulled pork

option three: chopped salad


day two

option one: roasted turkey

option two: sweet potato, goat cheese

option three: shrimp, kale & heirloom carrot



day one

option one: white sea bass ceviche

option two: antipasto



day two

option one: cured salmon "pastrami"

option two: hummus, market vegetables



soup or salad, entrée, and dessert


first course

option one: lentil soup

option two: vietnamese noodles

option three: quinoa, kale, dried fruit





option one: short ribs

option two: roasted lemon-herb chicken

option three: baked ziti



option one: cobbler

option two: chocolate “earthquake” cake



choice of: coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, or decaffeinated tea






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