choice of

option one: berries, dried fruit, nuts, greek yogurt, san marcos farms honey

option two: granola,fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit

option three: provisioners' breakfast bun with puff pastry, egg, applewood smoked ham, spinach, mozzarella

option four: provisioners' vegetarian breakfast bun with puff pastry, egg, spinach, mozzarella



choice of

option one: conserved local catch, dried tomato, celery, red onion, capers, cured olives, spinach, smoked paprika aioli, ciabatta

option two: spice rubbed turkey, grilled peppers, onion jam, swiss chard, manchego, flat bread

option three: roasted sweet potato, drake family farms goat cheese, basil pesto, pickle onion, baguette (vegetarian)

option four: nueske’s applewood smoked ham, bread & butter pickle, organic hard-boiled egg, provisioners’ mustard, manchego cheese, baguette

option five: chopped salad; salami, turkey, provolone, celery, cherry tomato, chick peas, romaine, cucumber,  lemon dressing (gluten free)

option six: rice noodle salad; tofu, shiitake mushroom, napa cabbage, daikon, carrot, peanuts, cilantro, mint (vegan, gluten free)

option seven: char broiled jadori chicken breast, kale, roasted heirloom carrots & beets, quinoa, golden raisin, honey-sriracha vinaigrette (gluten free)



provisioners’ trail mix and whole fruit








20 ounce “BPA free” refillable sport bottle filled with filtered water





transport container

your package will be delivered to you in a Soft Pac Lunch bag, snap lid containers, with a vintage cotton napkin and stainless steel cutlery

  •  let us know your return ferry time so we can arrange the return of the equipment





Packages will be delivered dockside in soft pac transport containers. Our meals are packaged in reusable BTP-free snap lid containers, with a cloth vintage napkin, stainless steel cutlery, and a refillable water bottle. Our menu items are designed to stand up to the unique environmental conditions the Islands present. Our food is delicious, convenient, and in generous portions.  It is crafted to sustain you throughout your vigorous fun filled day!

Our philosophy is to “leave a clean wake” whether you are on the Islands, along the coast or in the mountains.  Our packaging is chosen so there is no excess (all paper products that we do use are earth & sea friendly), and by choosing to use reusable containers, you are not adding trash to the environment.