Feeding your outdoor adventures!

Channel Islands Provisioners utilizes our deep knowledge of preparing and packaging food for the Channel Islands National Parks and other outdoor adventures to bring you the highest quality, best value and convenience in food and general provisions.  We have established personal relationships with local, organic, farmers, ranchers, dairies and fishermen that practice sustainability. 

In our “state of the art” commercial kitchen, we are able to craft meals that simply satisfy. We will happily prepare your items to taste and dietary requirements. We also provide your food items as you desire, from just cleaning and chopping, to fully prepared and ready to heat and serve. 

We will inspect all products prior to packing and delivery for perfect quality. All products will be packaged in a manner to ensure maximum ease of stowage, convenience of use and preparation in your unique environment. We look forward to making your busy lives easier and more enjoyable! 

Quality, value and convenience are the hallmarks of our services.

So, order from our Provisioners pages or contact us and partake in the joys of great food to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.