Ship's Pantry


a 2 day supply of “galley ready” foods for 4 adults

all food items are sourced from local, organic producers that utilize sustainable practices whenever possible

customizations are welcome (may incur additional costs) 



four 7 oz. marinated "jidori" chicken breasts

four 7 oz. marinated center cut "kurobuta" pork chops 

locally sourced sustainable seafood is available (may incur additional costs)

1 ½ lb. assorted cold cuts

8 oz. conserved local catch

8 slices thick cut apple wood smoked bacon


dairy & cheese 


1lb. greek yogurt

1 lb. sliced assorted cheese

1 lb. artisan cheeses

1 dozen eggs

½ lb. butter

 1 quart: milk


fruits & vegetables


a seasonal market selection of washed & trimmed “galley ready” salad greens, vegetables, fruits, onions, garlic, ginger, chili peppers, fresh herb bouquet...





1 loaf sliced whole grain bread

1 loaf artisanal bread

assorted crackers

flour or corn tortillas


dry goods


pastas, brown rice and faro

oatmeal or granola

olive oil


salt & pepper mix

dry herb blend



coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, or decaffeinated tea




mayonnaise, provisioners' mustard, provisioners' red pepper ketchup, soy sauce, jam, nut butter, hot sauce, pickles 


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